Tam tnh


Many people will walk in and out of your life,

But only true friends

will leave footprints in your heart.

Friends, you and me....

You brought another friend

and then there were 3....

We started our group,

our circle of friends

And like that circle,

there is no beginning or end....

Eleanor Roosevelt


Nhieu ngi se ra vao i mnh,

Nhng ch co nhng ngi ban chan chnh

mi e lai dau chan trong long mnh.

Nay bang hu, ban va toi...

Ban em en mot ngi ban khac

Va nh vay co ba ngi roi

Ta bat au hnh thanh mot nhom

Mot vong tron ban hu vi nhau

Va cung giong nh bao vong tron khac

Vong tron nay khong co cuoi hay au.

Tran Duy Nhien (dch)




Hoai vong

Vai dong...  

Noi vi Em

Lu but ngay xa

   Mau ao Hung Vng  

Nhng thang ngay vo t

Tham vieng trang web

 Cam ngh ve trang web

   Th ngo cua Tan Chu Tch Hung Vng Hai Ngoai