Thay Huynh Hu The day Toan tai Trung Tam Giao Duc Hung Vng, thay co sang tac mot so bai th e tang thay Le Van Loc (Le Uyen Phng) va cac em hoc sinh. Thay lay but hieu la Hoang The Phong la ch ghep ba ten cua co, thay va ngi con trai. Muon oc them van va th cua Thay The xin mi vao trang web Hu Hoai hay click vao ay.

Ve coi h vo

Lotus of Life

Home of the Viets


Tiec thng Anh Le Van Loc (nhac s LE UYEN PHNG)


Le Uyen Phng cat tieng,

Trong chieu menh mong vang,

Nh hac tung canh trang,

Ve phng tri thenh thang,



Le Uyen Phng tram buon,

Nh sng m alat,

Phu chieu ong lang le

au ay vang hoi chuong.


Chieu ma quanh Thuy Ta,

Ma nh ngap trong hon,

Le Uyen Phng tha thiet,

Pho nho cn ma buon.


Toi nghe chuyen tnh buon,

Tng long mnh nc n,

Toi nghe chuyen tnh au,

Ng hon chm vc sau.

* * *

Hung Vng cung chung trng,

Toi Anh cung Nha Giao,

Cung mang chung hoai bao,

V hoc sinh yeu thng.

* * *

Nay van con vang vong,

Bai hat Anh tang trng (1),

Tuoi xuan nh canh en (2)

Nh vang nhat tri ong.

* * *

Nghe tin anh khuat bong,

Du tri chieu khong ma,

Sao long toi tru t,

Trong chieu buon chi vi.


* * *

T ay xin vnh biet,

Ngi nhac s tai hoa,

Tieng Anh con trong gio,

Tieng nhac con bay xa.


He buon -CT-1999.


Chu thch:(1) Hieu oan Ca cua T.T.G.D.Hung Vng

(2) Trch Hieu oan Ca

(Cac em Hung Vng than men,

Toi xin gi tang cac em bai th va cam tac khi c tin thay Le Van Loc cua T.T.G.D. Hung Vng a ra i ve ni mien vien. Bai "Tng Nh" cua T.T.B.N. cung la tac nhan cua bai "Ve Coi H Vo" nay.)


 LOTUS of Life

  Than tang cac em hoc sinh Hung Vng

 I know not of the beautiful sunlight above,

 Nor the pretty sounds and tastes of NATURE,

 For I am deep in this murky soil,

 With my roots entangled in this insidious mud.


 But only from here could I get the nourishments,

 To give the life that is above.

 The life that I hold up with my weakening stem,

 So that it may bloom and cherish all that is good.


 I grow tired yet I have inner strength,

 Strength from HOPE that my flower above will bloom.

 Strength from DESIRE that though I suffer.

 My flower that I nourish will grow to be beautiful.

 My FLOWER, My LOVE, MY LIVE will awe,

 So that one day MY FLOWER will proclaim:

 "OH! FATHER, Thank you for being MY LOTUS OF LIFE ."

 Hoang The Phong





  Than tang cac em hoc sinh Hung Vng

 Vanity has left this body ages past.

 Its soul wandered through many paths-

 Each road is not easier than the last-

 To reach a home it could find PEACE


 No one will remember this wanderer,

 And empathize its longing for the country,

 Many once called "HOME OF THE VIETS"

 Hoang The Phong