Mot vai cam ngh...

Congratulations on a job well done (The Hung Vuong web site, that is). I was filled with emotions and nostalgia when visiting the Hung Vuong web site, it brings back a lot of warm memories of the dear school we all shared. I am so proud to be a member of our little Hung Vuong community and very happy to know that, via this web site, a link between all the Ex-HungVuonger has been established. I wish you every success in mastering this website and I will be very glad to do my part to contribute, in any which way I can, to the common effort of "Noi vong tay ln" that you guys have started.

(Hoang Ngoc Thach, Boston )


Kim Th va gia nh xin gi li hau tham hoi sc khoe en gia nh tat ca thay co va cac anh ch va cac ban cu Trung Tam Giao Duc Hung Vng alat. That vui va het sc cam ong khi oc c nhng tin tc cung nh c xem nhng hnh anh, khong ng bao nhieu nam roi ma ngay gi nay tren x s xa la mnh lai con co the gap g lai nhng hnh anh than quen cua nhng ngay thang cap sach en trng.

(Nguyen Th Kim Th Australia)


Trung Tam Giao Duc Hung Vng song lai trong toi.  Toi c dp vieng qua mang li vi tnh quoc te, theo doi tin tc ai gia nh Hung Vng, oc tin chia buon cung nh tin vui, xem lai hnh anh xa va thng thc li th van tam s cua thay tro.  a con bang xac tht a mat i nay c thay bang a con tinh than va se song mai trong hang tram ky c cua thay co va hoc sinh th co g bang.

That cam n tai nang va s nhiet thanh cua cac hoc tro cu cung s ho tr cua qu phu huynh, a tan dung toi a phng tien ky thuat ien toan e noi lai vong tay ln cua gia nh Hung Vng.  Ong To ta that hanh dien vi cac ang "hau sinh kha qu" nay.  Nh ay ma dong mau Hung Vng c tr ve nguon.  Nh ay ma vong tay chung ta c noi lai tham thiet hn, qua gan 25 nam xa cach va a mot lan mat tin tc cua nhau.

Toi cam thay phan khi va rat mong se gap lai moi ngi trong mot ngay gan ay.

(To Th Long, Australia)  


Lan au tien vieng web page Hung Vng. That kha long lay va ay u, t nhat trong buoi au. Nong nhiet khen ngi ngi thc hien. Dau biet "le moi est haissable" toi khong ngan c s thch thu khi thay th cua mnh c pho bien. That bat ng oi vi toi v khi gi bai en vi cac em toi khong ngh en web page. Toi cam n cac em luon ngh en trng xa, thay co cu, ban hoc cu. Trong thi buoi Hi-Tech nay con gi c tnh cam tot ep o khong phai de dang au. 

Toi vo cung vui thch khi biet c viec lam cua cac em HUNG VNG co tam mc vo cung trong ai, biet phai noi g hn , ch la mot li khch le n thuan. Ve lau ve dai , cong viec nay cua cac em se phat trien . Nh mat tri phng ong bng sang se anh tan nhng ngay ong lanh leo , am u. Toi con phai hoc hoi cac em rat nhieu, e ong gop cong sc han hep cua mnh vao cong viec vo cung trong ai nay.  Mot li khch le co ngha g,  nhng noi len e to mot niem vui cua mnh vao mot buoi sang chu nhat thanh thi nay , au cung la hng v nhe nhe cua mot ngay.

 (Huynh Hu The, Connecticut)


Toi hom nay, Nguyen co cho thay xem trang web cua Hung Vng, thay thay vui lam. Thay viet e hoan ho cac em. Thay mong la trang nay se la mot dung cu cho tat ca thay co va cac ban Hung Vng cu lien lac nhau. Rieng thay th nh trang web ma nhan c mot vai thong tin hay. 

(Tran Duy Nhien, Viet Nam)


Thay a bat gap lai hnh anh than yeu cua ngoi trng cu va danh sach cac ong nghiep cung nh cac em hoc sinh. Thay tng nh mnh ang song lai thi gian 25 nam trc. Cam n cac em a lam mot viec rat bo ch va ay y ngha cho toan the gia nh Hung Vng. Mong cac em gn gi web page Hung Vng song lau.

Cam n web page Hung Vng nhieu lam, nhieu lam v a cho thay gap lai hoc tro cu va ban cu.

Vi nhng tam hon tran ay tnh ngha va nhiet tnh nh vay th Hung Vng van luon trng ton.

(Le Cong Vui, San Jose, California)

Power of the internet is tremendous!

I  think the web page is kind of reminding us of old memories.

I think the web page is also a good place to share the Hung Vuong' status to help out our friends and teachers, especially the people in Viet Nam or new comers. It is also a good place to advertise jobs available at your company to recruit Hung Vuong's warriors. 

I just watched the HV tape sent to me ....very touching with all of the memories of our school, classmates, and schoolmates.... We have done an excellent job getting the Web going over here. I just got in the web and read beautiful poems from Bich Ngoc and thay Nhien....we plan to get together in SJ this 9/99 as a small reunion to kick-off our HV spirit....please keep the momentum going in VN, and we will do the same here....

(Tran Anh Dung, San Jose, California)


Mac dau trng Hung Vng khong con na, nhng linh hon Hung Vng van song, van ton tai e lu truyen cai nhiet huyet o cho con chau sau nay. Trc mat, ay la mot ni ma nhng a ban thi tre dai co mot cho e ma tam tnh vi nhau. lien lac vi nhau e the hien s quan tam vi nhau. Ngi ta noi: "Tnh ban nh tc v xa, cang lau, cang quy". Em rat hanh phuc khi co c nhng ngi ban cung i vi mnh tren mot con ng t thi th au cho en ngay rang long toc bac.

Trang web cua HV la mot ngon la va bung len. Ngon la nay a nhen nhum t 25 nam nay. Ch can co ai o lua mot ngon gio vao la no rc sang len. o la ieu hien nhien cua nhng tnh cam chan tnh tm en vi nhau. Em nhan xet rang trang web a thanh cong rat nhieu trong bc au, bang chng la Thay tro mnh hom nay co dp tam s vi nhau, ban be mnh tren khap the gii ang ngh en chuyen mot ngay hop mat ong u.


(Vo Hoang Nguyen, Viet Nam)


I have checked the Web page and I think that it's great and you have done a wonderful job.

Rat la han  hoan khi noi ng day lien lac vi cac ban Hung Vng cu qua trang web. Hy vong la t ay, chung mnh se co dp tro chuyen nhieu hn.

(Lu nh Hung, San Jose, California)


B.N. rat thch oc th cua moi ngi. Moi lan nhan c mot bai viet nao o t trang web Hung Vng la B.N. vui mng khon xiet.

(Trng Th Bch Ngoc, Viet Nam)

Trang co len tren Web cua  TTGD Hung Vng. Cam ong qua! Mnh khong cam c nc mat, mac du long rat vui. Nhat la hai bai hat Hieu oan ca Hung Vng. Trang con nh van ieu rat ro.

 (Hoang Trong Trang, France)


Thank you very much for the new web page information.  I  just scanned through it for a few minutes.  It is a very interesting site.

I did download VNI font and checked out the Hung Vuong web page again this morning.  What a great art work that you put together!   Thank you again for all your hard work to keep me post it with Hung Vuong's  activities. 

(Nguyen Th Mai Xuan, Oceanside, California)


Rat xuc ong khi c xem cac hnh anh va mot so thong tin ve Hung Vng alat.  Cam n rat nhieu ve cac a ch e-mail cua mot so ban cu. Xin gi vng trang web nay va lam cho no moi ngay mot phong phu hn. Cam n nhieu lam!

(Nguyen T Toai, San Jose, California)